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Denmark's most western point is one of the most popular tourist destinations because of the attractions. The iconic lighthouse is fifty kilometers wide, sandy beach, sandbank, and amber. Blåvand is the startpoint for the Gravel Challenge Blaavandshuk. 

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At the North Sea, you will find wonderful scenic nature experiences for everyone. The area offers cycling and hiking in stunning surroundings, adventure on the wide sandy beaches, amber hunting, and much more. The many, many kilometers of gravel roads are ideal for gravel cycling.


At the North Sea, you will find educational, fun, and exciting experiences. There is a wide range of experiences, such as dining, nature, art, culture, and historical experiences and attractions in the area. Explore the old bunker, and the lighthouse, or visit the local zoo. 

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In Blåvand can you find all sorts of goodies and get inspired for the next time you’re going to make magic in the kitchen. Visit one of the exciting shops, which offer local specialties or groceries.  

Crafts & Galleries

You can find beautiful handmade products of amber and horn, visit a gallery with fascinating art, or take the scent of the North Sea home with you in a bar of soap.

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During your visit to Blåvand with Gravel Challenge Blaavandshuk it's possible to stay overnight at e.g.


Or you can rent a cottage

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