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UCI Gravel World Series Event

Here you will find everything you need, for the UCI Gravel World Series Race Event

The 1th June 2024.

Here you will find the route description for the UCI Gravel World Series race on 1 June 2024 as well as a description of Blåvandshuk and the beautiful area the riders will ride through

Find more information about the race program

right here.

Skærmbillede 2023-01-23 kl. 09.39.34.png

Who can participate?

Everyone, regardless of whether they want to qualify for the World Championships or not, can take part in the Saturday event. 


Read more about your participation options. 

Everything you need to know about: 

Participation, age groups, and qualification for the Gravel World Championships in Belgium 2024. 



Find out more about the UCI Gravel World Series partners and sponsors.

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