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The organization behind

Gravel Challenge Blåvandhuk has arisen as a large partnership, between Blåvand Ho Erhverv who is the main organizer, and Adventure Cycling/ M event ApS owned by the former World Tour Professional Mads Christensen as the technical organizer.

Gravel Challenge Blåvandshuk is a historic event, as it will be the first danish UCI Gravel World Series race, which gives qualification points to the Gravel World Championships.


We have made a three-year contract for 2023, 2024, and 2025 with the UCI and Varde Municipality for hosting this race.

Gravel is rapidly growing as a discipline these years and we want to make sure that Denmark will be a part of it.


With our raw nature and beautiful beaches we aim to be the one of Nordic region's leading and most attractive coastal holiday towns. Here, nature and culture meet in a unique interaction, which is attractive to visit and live in all year round. 

One of our bigger ambitions is to "deliver" at least one internationally relevant sports event every year, which is natural for the

area's identity, authenticity and, not least, will be trend-setting for the future.

Adventure Cycling/M event 

We are one of the first freelance showrooms to collaborate with bicycle brands, bicycle accessories etc.

In addition, we plan and operate several gravel events in Denmark.

Our goal is to give our customers the best experience, on and off the bike, at our events, or in our showroom.

Blåvand Ho Erhverv 

Blåvand Ho Erhverv is an organization that combines around 80 local businesses in Blåvand and Ho. The purpose of the association is to create activities in both Blåvand and Ho that support the businesses and create visible and unifying activities for all visitors to the area. 


Blåvand Ho Erhverv has for some time been looking for a signature event that supports the area's "nature DNA" and that can attract both national and international attention. Thanks to the partnership with Adventure Cycling for the "Gravel challenge Blåvandshuk", the board of Blåvand Ho Erhverv has no doubt that we have found our signature event and are throwing all our efforts into the gravel cycling project.  

Meet The Team

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