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Practical Questions

"EXPO area, start and finish line - where do I find it?"

- The start and finish line is located at the same place as the EXPO area - address is: Hvidbjerg Strandvej (link)

"Where and when can I pick up my start numbers?"

You can pick up your start numbers at the EXPO area from Friday at 13.30 - 16.00 & again from 18.30 - 20.00. Saturday it will be possible to pick up numbers from 08.00 - 09.30 also in the EXPO area. We suggest you pick up your numbers Friday if possible.

"Is it possible to buy refreshments in the EXPO area?"

Yes! We have arranged a classic "Pølsevogn" where you can buy hotdogs and sausages. At the Restaurant Høfte 4 next to the EXPO area they serve their famous Seafood Hotdogs - this is highly recommend to try. 

"Where can we park as rider or spectator to the event?"

Riders and spectators must park at Blåvand Strand - Hafnia Grunden (link). It will not be allowed to park at the parking lot near Høfte 4.

We suggest you park out side of Blåvand city and walk or ride to the EXPO area.

"Will there toilets and baths in the EXPO area?"

We arranged some mobile toilets in the EXPO area - but no changing rooms or baths. We suggest you to enjoy a swim in the ocean after your ride - it's just near the finish line! 

"Can I leave my luggage in the EXPO area while I am racing?"

You can - but we will recommend you not to. Unfortunately we don't have the storage capacity to store your luggage. So leave it in your car or in your accommodation. 

Race Questions

"Is there a seeding for the start boxes or how do I get a spot in the front in my start group?"

- The different AG and Elite riders will be separated in start boxes before start. There will not be any seeding in the box so - First in, First out. See the starting order and start times in the program here.

Please respect the words from the Officials at the start boxes!

"Is there a time gab between the different start groups?"

Yes - we will start the different start groups with 1 min between each other. Starting with the Elite Men, then Elite Women, AG 9-34, AG35-39 and so on. AG's with few participants can be merged. 

"Is the route totally closed for traffic?"

NO! The route is not closed for traffic. But we have teamed up with Officials, Police and MC Marshals to give you the best possible security on the course - but please have in mind, that you will meet other guests on the course. 

"Is there a Feed/Service zone at the course?"

Yes! We will establish a Feed zone, Service Zone and Drop Zone just before the start/finish line at the EXPO area. Here helpers can be placed, pockets can be emptied and participants can refuel water and have a Gravel Challenge Blåvandshuk "Træstamme".

The area will be self-service. 

"Will the course be marked  with signs?"

Yes - the corse will be marked with pink signs. BUT we highly recommend that you have the GPX route on your head unit at the race. 

"When will the route file be released?"

The Official GPX file will be released the 20.05.24 - the day after our Route Check event in Blåvand the 19.05.2024 - see more here.

If you are riding the route you must be aware of military training activity in the area. Crossing the barriers when training is on can be deadly both for you and the events future. So respect this!


Other questions - please drop us a e-mail on:

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