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All you need to know about the race



Technical information

Start and Finish area

- The start and finish line is located at the same place as the EXPO area - address is: Hvidbjerg Strandvej (link)


Parking is not allowed in the EXPO or Start and Finish area.

All parking related to the race must happen at Hafnia Grunden at Blåvand Strandvej (link)


Number pick up

You can pick up your start numbers at the EXPO area from Friday at 13.30 - 16.00 & again from 18.30 - 20.00. Saturday it will be possible to pick up numbers from 08.00 - 09.30 also in the EXPO area. We suggest you pick up your numbers Friday if possible.

In your start back you will receive a front plate with a chip and a body number for the back. The numbers are mandatory to ware and indicates your Start Group.


It is very important that the chip on the the front plate does not get bended or mounted against the frame. If so it can't communicate with the timing hardware, and your time would not be registered correctly. Mounting the front plate correctly is your own responsibility and the timer can not be held responsable for unread chips.

Start Groups

All riders will be placed in the start group they have signed up for.

Please see the program for start times for the different start groups.

Start Booths

All riders must start in in the right start booth.

If a rider is starting in a wrong booth he/she will be disqualified!

There will not be seeding in the start booths - first in, first out. 

Race start

The start of the race will happen on a start loop to avoid narrow sections and stops in the start. The riders will be let backwards the route and out to the bigger roads.

Trafic and behavior

The roads will NOT be closed for public trafic during the race. Therefore you must be aware of cars and other users along the route. All riders must stay in right side of the road. In lager intersections officials and police will be guiding the trafic when riders pass.

Marshals on motorcycles will also be pressend on the route, to enlarge the security for everybody.


Passed by faster riders

In front of the race will be a camera motorcycle for the live stream.

If this one is passing you, or a bigger group is approaching from behind, you must pull to the right to let the faster group or rider pass you easily. 

Feed, Waste and Tech zones

In the race there will be 2 different Support Zones.

No. 1 is placed just before the finish line

No. 2 is placed at Betonvej Syd at km. 12,7 after the start line.

Both zones will be marked with beach flags.

Support Crew can not bring cars to these zones!

Supporting other places than in these zones will not be allowed.

Waste and garbage

All riders and Support Crew must bring there waste with them to the waste zone. Waste Zone is placed in the Support Zones.

Throwing garbage other places then in the Waste Zones will tricker a disqualification from the race.



The route is marked, but we encourage everyone to have the GPX file downloaded on their head unit.

The organizers have the option to make minor changes to the route up to 24 hours before the event starts. This is to allow for route changes due to changing conditions. Therefore, please wait to download the route as late as possible.

You can find the route here.

"Nature Segments"

The Route include 5 "Nature Segments". The definition of a Nature Segment is a rough off road section, that can include sandy, grassy, bumpy and/or muddy sections.

Every segment is marked my a beach flag in the start and the end of the segment.

The Segments are placed at:

No. 1: Km 1,8 - km 2,3

No. 2: Km 20,8 - km 22,5

No. 3: Km 24,2 - km 26,2

No. 4: Km 30,1 - km 31,2

No. 5: Km 31,8 - km 33,9


Also see our FAQ page for more answers on typical questions. 

If your question is not listet here in this Groad Book or at the FAQ page, then please send ud a email on


You are racing this race on your own responsibility. The organizer can not be held responsible for any personal og materialistic damage during the race. 

One last thing.....

We are putting a lot of work in making a spectacular and cosy event with a lot of good vibes - so we hope you will bring the true gravel spirit into the race.

We reserve the right to make minor corrections to the above - please stay updated.

Cheers from the organizers!

Adventure Cycling & Blåvand Ho Erhvervsforening

Other questions - please drop us a e-mail on:

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